Diploma in Medical Tourism (DMT)

Diploma in Medical Tourism, DMT

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Diploma in Medical Tourism (DMT)

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Medical Tourism is a term that refers to people travelling to another country for Medical treatment thus combining the tourism aspect with specialized medical care.Medical Tourism has seen an unprecedented boom in India recently, India government and privet healthcare organizations are promoting India as an attractive medical tourism destination.

 Medical Tourism (MT) also termed as medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare more broadly health and wellness tourism, refers to the industry in which people from across the globe travel to other countries to get medical, and surgical care, due to various reasons, such as better convenience, lower cost, reduced waiting time to undergo a surgery/ treatment, which are unavailable in their own countries. Along with the treatment, they can also enjoy the charm of the countries they are visiting. Medical tourism is not just treating the patients who travel for medical care; it is all about making the patient feel at home away from home.

Career / Job Prospects

The job of a medical tourism facilitator requires you to have extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector of our country along with its laws, rules and regulations. For eg: best place for so and so treatment, most affordable, best facilities with respect to treatment needed, visa restrictions. Apart from these obvious duties, you need to provide visa and lodgings. All in all, you serve as the link between the foreign tourists/patients and our healthcare providers. So, naturally, it also involves the language barrier and the communication solution for it. You can further provide post treatment tourism.Candidates with relevant qualifications in the fields of medical tourism and hospital administration are preferred by most of the employers, they can work in the following sectors:

  • Spa and wellness industry
  • Hospitality and Hotel Industry
  • Health and allied services
  • Clinics & Health Spas
  • Ayurveda and Naturopathy Centers
  • Tourism and travel agencies
  • Aviation Industry
  • Insurance companies


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