Diploma in Project Management (DPM)

Diploma in Project Management, DPM

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Diploma in Project Management (DPM)

Being a Project Manager is like being an artist


Project management is the field of management dealing with the leadership, organization, planning, securing and controlling resources to achieve specific goals within a time- or funding-constrained project period. Project Management experts are able to continuously work under the pressure of a deadline to produce valuable results for an organization, business or corporation, often supervising a team of professionals working on the project. Post Graduates Program in Project Management have a number of career paths to choose from, with a high level of job placement. In addition Post Graduate program in Project Management students will learn about specialized approaches to project management, processes, standards, structures, frameworks and project portfolio management. Project management impacts directly on the growth and advancement of most modern organizations and is a much sought after qualification, preferably after graduating in management.


Qualified project management professionals are in high demand in today’s workplace in both large and small organizations. Project management professionals can find work in engineering, technology, construction, manufacturing and telecommunications. While they may work in different industries, these professionals have one main function in common: They oversee all facets of a project. These skilled managerial organizers carry a great deal of responsibility within organizations and hold positions that allow them to utilize their skills in complex ways. Read on to learn more about the types of positions available for these professionals. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management, the skills and knowledge you acquire can help you excel as a:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Controller
  • Project Contract Manager
  • Project Vendor Manager
  • Project Team Leader
  • Project Facilitator
  • Project Co-ordinator
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Designer
  • Project Analyst


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